Serving the community since 1974





Image 2 in Page 3 copyThe Riverwood Community Centre was conceived in 1974 when a public meeting was held, where a committee was formed and named the ‘Voices of Riverwood’.  This committee’s  brief was to establish a building in Riverwood where activities could take place.  A grant was received from the Federal Government under the Australian Assistance Plan, whereby allowing the ‘Voices of Riverwood’ to purchase a building and start providing activities for the community.  the building was staffed by volunteers and when funding was receives, two staff were employed.  They provided information, advocacy and a weekly drop-in youth service.  Occasional care was set up by some local residents and the Centre has not stopped growing, continually striving to meet the needs of its local community and that of wider areas where funding allows.


DSCF1836Today it resides in a specially built multi-purpose building leased from the Canterbury City Council and is the auspicing body of 14 services and programs. These include: The Neighbourhood Centre, Riverwood Family Support, Riverwood Youth Service, Riverwood Child Sexual Assault Service funded by the Department of Community Serviced Services Grant’s Program (CSPG), The Riverwood Neighbour Aid Program and Canterbury Shopping Service funded by Department of Ageing and Disability’s Home and Community Care Program (HACC), The Riverwood Out of School Care Programs of Before and After School Care and Vacation Care Program funded by Department of Community Services, parents fees and subsidies from CentreLink, The Links to Learning Programs of Time-Out, Future Focus funded by Department of Education and Training, the Housing and Communities Assistance Program and the Central Sydney South Regional Tenants Resource Service funded by the NSW Department of Housing, and the Leisure Learning Program funded by participants fees.  It holds 2 Department of Housing Community Lawn and Cleaning community contracts, 2 casual Lawn and cleaning contracts and the lawn and cleaning contracts for 2 St George Community Housing Properties.   The Riverwood Community Centre provides opportunities for community participation through its volunteer program and by taking student placements, work experience students and people on Community Service Orders. This year over hundred volunteers have supported the Centre’s work.    It owns and manages commuter buses, which provide community transport.  The Riverwood Community Centre also supports local community structures including the Riverwood Children’ Centre, Riverwood Estate Advisory Board and the Riverwood Australian Arabic Association.


Special Events

The main special event held each year is the Riverwood Autumn Festival, organised by the Centre.  Other Centre events include the monthly car boot sales, craft stalls, Senior’s Week, Youth Week, Movies in the Park, Information Carnivals,Neighbourhood Centre’s Week, Christmas Carols, plus multicultural events and traditional celebrations.

Centre Facilities

We manage the use of the building between 7am and 9:30pm Monday to Friday facilitating the use of the building by the community.  Facilities include offices, meeting rooms,  function room,  basketball court, and kitchen.  The Centre’s facilities are used by many outside groups for sports classes or training and many other activities run by local groups.  Twenty two outside groups use the building on a weekly basis.  It also Manages two other services, Punchbowl Community Centre and the Tenancy Resource  Service.

Statement Of Purpose

The purpose of Riverwood Community Centre (RCC) is: To manage and maintain a community service in Riverwood: To further community development in the Riverwood area.


Riverwood Community Centre believes: All members of the community have a right to determine and control issues which affect the quality of their lives. As a part of this process, people have a right to participate in decision making in respect to issues and services provided to meet their needs. In the facilitation of this process, we encourage the sharing of community skills, knowledge and resources with members of the Riverwood community.


The outcomes pursued by Riverwood Community are to identify and service needs in the local community. To create, initiate, support and promote activities catering to these needs, thereby encouraging community participation at all levels.

8:00 am Riverwood Car Boot Sale @ Riverwood Community Centre
Riverwood Car Boot Sale @ Riverwood Community Centre
Apr 19 @ 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
No need to book, just turn up on the day. Sell new or second hand goods.  No food or Animals to be sold.  

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